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In Z-CMS there is a feature that helps the user in managing all related Content Models in a single place. This feature take the name of collection. A collection can be added inside a Content Model to show other Content Models that have relations with it.

The advantage of a collection is that allows the user to work on multiple Content Models without the need to open a different page for each Content Model, but simply by accessing all of them from one single page.

Example: creating a collection inside a Content Model

Suppose to have a "catprod" Content Model and a "prodotti" Content Model which have a lookup (relation) to the "catprod" one as shown in the image below.

Relationships between Content Models 1.png

Relationships between Content Models 2.png

Then, in the Content Manager page of "prodotti" there will be a combo box for selecting the relation to "catprod", as highlighted in the above image.

Suppose to be in another situation. There is a "pdt_prod" (product) Content Model and other Content Models "pdf_files" (pdf files of a product), "gal_img" (gallery images of a product) and "high_image" (high resolution images of a product) which have relation to the "pdt_prod" product) Content Model.

In normal case the data entry should be carried into these four Content Models in four different places. At first, in the Content Manager, enter data into "pdt_prod" Content Model for a product record, then go to "pdf_files" Content Manager part and enter all pdf files related to that product, then go to "gal_img" Content Manager part and enter all gallery images related to that product and at last go to "high_image" Content Manager part and enter all high resolution images related that product.

In such a scenario it is possible to create a collection in order to avoid the need to edit contents inside four different places. In this case it is possible to add three collections inside "pdt_prod" Content Model to "pdf_files", "gal_img" and "high_image" Content Models, as shown in the image below.

Then, content management operations can be done in the single page of "pdt_prod" Content Manager.

Relationships between Content Models 3.png

New records related to main Content Model can be added/edited in each collection list in the main Content Manager itself.

Relationships between Content Models 4.png

This is done using popup window for each collection item as show below.

Relationships between Content Models 5.png

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