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Companies in Z-CMS constitute the second level of user access. They are used to divide in different groups the sites that are stored in Z-CMS.

Companies can be created only by the Superadmin of the program and each Company has a Company Admin that can operate with complete permissions inside the Company.

It is not possible for a user to be Company Admin in two different Companies.

Each Company can be set in different ways by using the Company settings section.

Global management

A peculiarity of the Company level is that inside every Company there is access to a Global part in which can be stored the contents that are used in more than one site among the ones stored under the Company. Global contents consist of the following typologies:

that can be created at Company level and used simultaneously in more than one site.

Company management

Activities inside a Company can be performed by the Company Admin that has full power to set the Company settings, to manage the Global part and to create the sites that are grouped under the Company.

Sites can be created inside the "My websites" menu part according to what is explained in the Sites part page.

The Company Admin can also create the Users that can operate on the sites stored under the company through the User management tool. After having created a user, the Company Admin can allow him to access to a specific site (or more than one site) and can define for him one of the following roles:

  • Site Admin
  • Developer
  • Content Manager.

Users can work "cross-site", meaning that one User can have a role inside one site and another one (or the same) inside another site within the same Company.

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