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Settings in the Companies part of Z-CMS are settings that help the Company Admin in configuring many important parts of the Company. At this level there is the possibility to configure options that are valid for all sites stored inside the specific Company.

In this section the administrator can find the following entries:

  • Themes: where it is possible to create or upload themes that can be added to all CMS configurations.
  • Mail Config: where it is possible to configure the mail sending inside the CMS.
  • Scheduler: where it is possible to define activities that the program should perform automatically (ex. sending of a newsletter).
  • Plugins: where to upload plugins to the Company.

as shown in the picture below:

Company settings 1.PNG

As stated above, objects uploaded and created here can be selected and used inside all sites stored under the specific Company.

Options set at the Company level are available also for all sites that are stored under the same Company.

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