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Z-CMS Customized user interface module allows the creation and management of custom pages for a ZCMS website


Custom UI Menu Settings.

Customized user interface: consist of a custom user interface (UI) and a menu link to access this user interface. Custom UI menu settings are placed under the CMS Development main menu inside a website.Custom UI link will take the user to a page similar to widget list and can create custom UI using Zcms tags. Menu link will redirect the user to the CMS menu Page. From there the user can select the Custom UI, selected custom UI names will appear under the respective menu groups.


Custom UI Creation.

Custom UI create page contains Widget Name, Widget Type, Widget Code. Name and type represent the name and type of the corresponding Custom UI.User can create Custom UI using ZCMS Tags similar to the Widget. Style and script are added through CSS, JS tabs.


Add Custom UI into a Group.

The Custom UI which is created in the last section will displayed in Add Content Model dialogue.


Content Models and Custom UI are put together in the same list, differentiated them by using column value Type. Custom UI can be added to the Group by using Add to Group Button.


Display Custom UI Page.

The added Custom UI will be displayed under the respective group on the left Menu.


On the left menu Custom UI is differentiated by ‘(CustomUI)’.While clicking the Custom UI name, the corresponding page will be displayed on the right side


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