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The Global part of Z-CMS is a section inside each Company in which it is possible to manage objects that can be shared across different sites developed in the Company.

Objects that can be created in the Global section are Content Models, Widgets and Static texts. The aim of the Global part is to provide a container for those elements that can be common to more than one site inside a Company, avoiding the need of creating those objects once for every site.

To enter the Global part of each Company the user should select the label "Global management" from the Company menu according to what shown in the following picture.

Global part 1.png

Once entered inside the Global management the user can then manage Content Models, Widgets and Static Texts by using the buttons Content Manager 3.png and Themes 4.png at the top of the table, or by selecting a specific content inside the page by clicking on its respective row, as shown in the following screenshot.

Global part 2.PNG

Content Models, Widgets and Static Texts that are created and stored under the Global category can be inherited into websites.

The label Settings leads to the setting page of the Global section, where it is possible to configure Languages and Users associated to Global objects.

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