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Hierarchy feature helps to easily visualize and use hierarchical relationships between Content Models while entering their contents.

Hierarchy comes into use when there are multilevel relationships between Content Models in one-to-many relation pattern.

For example suppose there are a category, a sub-category and a sub-sub-category Content Models, where the last one is related to the sub-category, and the sub-category is related to the category Content Model. There is another Content Model "product" which is related to the sub-sub category. So, overall, the relationship is on three levels. To deal with this kind of situations Z-CMS provides the hierarchy feature.

Example: building a hierarchy containing category, sub category, sub-sub category and product Content Models

Suppose to have four Content Models as shown in pictures below:

  • "category"
  • "sub-category"
  • "sub-sub-category"
  • "product"

Hierarchies 1.png

Hierarchies 2.png

Hierarchies 3.png

Hierarchies 4.png

It is possible to enter few records into each of them in their respective Content Manager pages.

While entering "category" and "sub-category" the user has no difficulties and everything is usual. But when user enters "sub-sub category" problems arise because he doesn't know user feels to select sub category because user is not able to know which sub-category is related to which category there.

Hierarchies 5.png

The difficulty becomes more severe when the user enters data for "product" Content Model, where the relation level is one more.

Hierarchies 6.png

To help in such situations, Z-CMS hierarchy icon appears in those Content Models that have relationships that go above two levels. In this case such icon appears in "sub-sub category" and "product" Content Model.

Hierarchies 7.png

Clicking on the icon it is possible to select a hierarchy relation setup to one level above the relation, which is parent of parent relation. So in our example we can select category in case of "sub-sub category" and "sub-category" in case of "product" Content Model. Then hierarchy is created as shown in the below pictures:

Hierarchies 8.png

Hierarchies 9.png

After creating hierarchy, we can remove it whenever needed by clicking the delete hierarchy button:

Hierarchies 10.png

Now see the Content Manager pages for "sub-sub category" and "product" Content Models below:

Hierarchies 11.png

Hierarchies 12.png

Now there are 2 select boxes in "sub-sub category" Content Manger page and 3 select boxes in "product" Content Manager page. By selecting the proper relations inside those boxes it is possible to create the desired combinations. So the content management becomes easier by using hierarchy feature in Z-CMS.

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