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When the user goes to Z-CMS using his internet browser, he must login to enter the program. Default login data for the Superadmin user are the following:

  • User: sysadmin
  • Password: sysadmin

that must be inserted inside the following initial landing page

Login 1.PNG

Once logged, the user enters the Home Page of Z-CMS.

In the top corner at the right of the page, the Superadmin user can find the following panel

Login 2.png

from which he can manage his login credentials and exit Z-CMS through the Logout button. By clicking over "Edit profile" the user goes to a page in which he can change his password, user name and mail ID to enter Z-CMS and to receive information by the program.

Login 3.PNG

All users other than the Superadmin can login with the same procedure but with their own credentials. They enter the program in a specific level that determines the activities that they can perform. More over only they can manage their profile in the same way it is shown above for the Superadmin.

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