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Z-CMS provides option for incorporating e-mail sending capability in Sites. Mail configuration in Z-CMS can be done in the Companies part for what concerns its general settings, but it can also be done inside each of the sites stored inside the Company according to their specific needs.

It is assumed that there is at least one valid and accessible Mail Server whose parameters are properly configured in Z-CMS. It is also possible to store multiple Mail Server Configurations. A particular configuration is identified by its unique "Settings Name" inside the Mail Config section.

Company level Mail Server Configurations in Z-CMS can be stored in the following way:

  • From Z-CMS Home Page go to Mail configuration n 1.PNG --> Mail configuration n 2.PNG --> Themes 3.png and a page with the following fields opens:
Field ( * denotes mandatory field) Description
Settings Name* A unique name to identify the Configuration
Port* SMTP port number [Ex. 25]
Host Name* Mail server name or its IP address
Username* Translated text in other defined languages
Password* Password
Admin Email* Default recipient email address if not at least one explicitly specified during an email sending attempt
From Email* Sender email address
Is Default* "Yes" if this particular Mail Config has to be used in case if not one explicitly specified during an e-mail sending attempt
Authenticate* "Yes" if the mail server requires authentication
Start-TLS Enable "Yes" if the particular mail server supports and the particular email sending attempt should be initiated using a secure SMTP connection
  • Save the work done by clicking over the Sites part 5.png button.

For what concerns Site level Mail configuration, it is possible to define specific parameters for each site inside a Company. However the the way in which is possible to configure the Sites is the same as the one shown above. The only difference is that Mail configurations for the Sites is placed inside Site settings.

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