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Z-CMS supports pagination through the following Z-CMS tags:

Pagination can be realized for content data which is presented using zcms:content or zcms:content-search tags. These two tags are to be associated respectively with relevant pagination tags as mentioned below.

Value specified for the "Id" attribute of zcms:content or zcms:content-search tag is to be specified as the value for the "Name" attribute of zcms:pageprevious, zcms:pagecurrent and zcms:pagenext pagination tags.

Such values can be used as in the following example.

<zcms:content-search match="ANY_WORDS" parameters="txtsearch" datacount="10" id="search1" enablepage="true">
   <zcms:content name="news">
      <zcms:datacolumn name="ID" alias="id"/>
      <zcms:datacolumn name="TITLE" alias="title"/>
      <zcms:datacolumn name="DESCRIPTION" alias="description" />
      <zcms:datacolumn name="'NEWS'" alias="identifier"/>
      <zcms:filter attribute="PUBLISH" value="1"/>
         <li><zcms:attribute name="title" /> --- <zcms:attribute name="description" /></li>
   <zcms:pageprevious name="search1">
         <a href="[zcms:pagenumber]"><zcms:pagenumber />
   <zcms:pagecurrent name="search1" />
   <zcms:pagenext name="search1">
         <a href="[zcms:pagenumber]"><zcms:pagenumber />

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