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Z-CMS provides option to reserve specific areas in a webpage that are to be exposed only for the logged-in users. Likewise, areas can also be realized as unreserved which are to be exposed to users (visitors) who are not logged-in.

Following Z-CMS tags can be used to control the exposure of components of a webpage based on the current user login status: zcms:reserved and zcms:unreserved. These tags automatically determines current user login status.

Example: use of reserved and unreserved tags

The above authentication form will be exposed in the webpage only for users (visitors) who are not logged-in.

   <zcms:content-form name="user" type="AUTH" action="userlogin" method="post">
      <zcms:component type="text" name="txtusername" attribute="username" />
      <zcms:component type="password" name="txtpassword" attribute="password" />

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