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Outcome of a form submission can be obtained and managed using the zcms:status tag.

The Z-CMS status tag has the following predefined events: SUCCESS and ERROR.

Appropriate event will be registered automatically in Z-CMS based on the submission result. Subsequent action can be redirection to a particular URL or displaying a corresponding message at the common Message Area.

Example: use of status tag

The "status" tag can be presented as follows for obtaining redirection to a specific page and an error message:

<zcms:status event="SUCCESS" url="home"></zcms:status>

The parameter URL denotes the webpage to which redirection has to be performed; value can be a "Page Identifier".

By means of the following code, the error message "An error has occurred" appears inside the webpage:

<zcms:status event="ERROR" url="#">An error has occurred</zcms:status>

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