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Superadmin settings are located in the menu that the Superadmin user finds when he enters Z-CMS. Only the Superadmin user can manage these Settings and the options defined at this level reflects inside Z-CMS program at all lower levels.

When Superadmin enters Z-CMS, he finds a simple menu composed by the two entries:

if he selects the latter he lands into the page that is reported below.

Superadmin settings 1.PNG

Superadmin settings consist in the possibility of defining the languages that are available for the whole Z-CMS and to upload the Plugins that needs to be activated for all Companies stored in the program.

As shown in previous picture languages can be added, deleted and activated/deactivated. Any language that is needed inside Z-CMS must be added in this part and then imported at the desired destination.

In case the Superadmin selects the voice "Plugins" in the Settings menu, he can manage the plugins, that is import them inside the program. Plugins added at this point are available for all Companies and sites saved in Z-CMS.

Superadmin settings 2.PNG

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