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zcms:echo tag can show the data of a specific field for a defined Content Model. Its attributes are the following:

Attribute Definition
value The values attribute specifies the content name and the attribute name to be displayed in the format shown below

If the content is of type Global it becomes

{global :contentname: attributename}

An example about the using of this tag can be:


The echo tag can be used also inside the zcms:title tag.

Below it shown an example for the "echo" tag.

Example 1

   <zcms:echo value="{product:meta_title}">
      <zcms:filter attribute="cid" value="154987485348"/>

Example 2

    <zcms:echo value="{news_content:meta_title}"> 
        <zcms:filter attribute="parent_record" value="$request[$1]"/>   

Note: if the filter is not used with the zcms:echo tag, the entire data in the table will be displayed.

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