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Z-CMS provides the possibility to create and use JSP files inside web sites.

It is possible to add/edit/import scripts by selecting the proper label in the menu in the left part of the Site session according to what is shown in the pictures.

Jsp tag 1.png

Jsp tag 2.png

Such scripts can be used in Widgets and Resources of a website using zcsm:jsp tag. zcms:jsp tag is used to include the jsp pages dynamically. The parameter passes to the JSP page using the zcms:param. zcms:jsp tag includes the following attributes:

Attribute Definition
page The name of the jsp page to be included

An example about how to use the jsp tag is reported below:

<zcms:jsp page="test.jsp">
   <zcms:param name="val1" value="123"/>
   <zcms:param name=" val2" value="[zcms:request:val]"/>
   <zcms:param name=" val3" value="[zcms:session:val]"/>
   <zcms:param name=" val4" value="[zcms:use:val]"/>
   <zcms:param name=" val4" value="[zcms:attribute:val]"/>

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