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* [[Login]]
* [[Login]]
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* [[Menu]]
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When the user logs in the Z-CMS site, he lands into the General part home page. In the central part of such page, the user finds the dashboard.

The dashboard is a tool created to allow the user to have direct visibility and access to his preferred Z-CMS contents. Such contents are shown inside boxes that can be moved according to the user’s will. The user can move the boxes in the page with the drag-and-drop and create the layout that maximizes his usability.

File:Dashboard 1.png

In order to manage the dashboard, the user should go inside the setting tool highlighted in the image above. At the click the lightbox shown below opens and allows the user to decide the number of columns in the page, the types of boxes he wants and what sites he want to monitor directly from the home page.

Dashboard 2.png

By confirming those settings, the view of the home page is adjusted to user’s needs.

Inside Z-CMS there are different dashboards, one in every main section of the program. Each dashboard allows the management of contents of the specific section to which it is referred.

In particular the following dashboards compose the home page of Z-CMS sections:

  • General part dashboard: allows the management of the contents that can be accessed in the General part of Z-CMS.
  • Sites dashboards: a specific dashboard constitute the main part of the home page of each site that is stored inside the program. By using the dashboards the user can visualize the most important contents inside each site.
  • Global dashboard: allows the management of the contents that constitute the Global part.

Even if they refer to different sections of the program the usage and logic behind all different dashboards is the same.

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