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The Global part that is located inside every Company has its own Global settings section in which the Company admin can set some features that characterize the Global area.

To access the Settings area it is sufficient to click the label "Settings" from the menu that is shown inside the Global part, as reported in the picture below:

Global settings 1.jpg

As reported in the image above, Global settings consist in the possibility to manage the two fields of Languages and User management.


Languages for the Global part can be added by clicking the button Sites part 3.png from the ones created inside the Superadmin settings.

Once a language has been selected, it appears in the table inside the page.

There, it is possible to set the options of the language by using the radio buttons and the buttons shown in the picture above.


User management# for the Global section can be added by selecting Sites part 6.png at the top of the page and then Sites part 7.png. Users can be selected among the ones created in the Superadmin settings section. Selected users are showed in the table reported below.

Global settings 2.PNG

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