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Z-CMS is built to allow the management of activities by users on three different levels:

  1. Superadmin level
  2. Company level
  3. Site level

Superadmin level is the most general one, in which the user with proper credentials can create all other levels below. In particular he can create the Companies that constitute the Company level.

A Company is an entity created to group together a number of different websites under it. A Company can be created only by the Superadmin and has a unique Company Admin who can perform all possible operations that can be done inside his Company.

Superadmin and Company Admin can then create inside the company a number of different sites, and define for them a number of users with specific credentials.

This structure allows users with different access credentials to be able to enter the program and see only the parts they are entitled to see.

Example: from Superadmin access to the creation of a site

When the user with Superadmin credentials enters Z-CMS through the Login page, he finds the following view:

Users access levels 1.PNG

In this page the Superadmin can see all the Companies that have been created and can create a new Company by selecting the button Menu 4.png at the top of the list.

By selecting one Company, he can arrive to a page where all sites created inside that Company are shown.

Users access levels 2.PNG

In this page he can create or import new sites by selecting the buttons at the top of the list.

Both Company and Site levels provide the possibility to define specific characteristics through their Settings sections.

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