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Z-CMS is the e-Zenit solution for a CMS to manage websites and websites contents.

Z-CMS is a very flexible tool that allows the creation of CMS for sites with different degrees of complexity and integration.

Z-CMS peculiarity is its capability to deal contemporarily with more than one site and to allow an optimization of common parts among different sites.

Manual structure

Inside this wiki all functionalities of Z-CMS are explained in detail in order to help the user to become familiar with the product and to use it at its best.

The choice of using a wiki software for the creation of the manual has been done in order to maximize the utility for the user since the structure of the wiki allows the following operations:

  • creation of the desired path for acquiring information about the program by using the easy link connections among different parts;
  • simple addition of comments and notes to the topics to increase cooperation among users of the manual;
  • possibility to add descriptive pages on topics of special interest for the user;
  • possibility of creating discussion pages among the users.

Manual summary

The manual is structured as a very open resource, with a structure that is based on links among different topics. However there are some so called hub pages that group together a number of links related to a specific section. Such pages are the following:

Going through them allows the user to find quickly the desired topics inside the manual.

How to use the wiki software

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

For additional information please refer to the following pages:

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