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zcms:content is a wrapper for website related Content Model and the execution pattern is defined with the values in each attribute. The list of attributes is shown below.

Attribute Definition
id Optional.

A unique identifier to identify the Content Model

name Required.

Name of the Content Model

alias Optional.

An alias name for the Content Model

datacount Optional.

Defines the how many contents to be displayed.

enablepage Optional.

A "true" value enables pagination

pagevar Optional.

The request parameter name which holds the required page value. By default the name would be "selpage"

standalone Optional.

To make the content independent, without affecting the filters in include tag

node Optional.

This attribute is used in json, xml and rss feeds. Each set of xml and rss feed will be the child of this node. For JSON the json name will be this node name

Example: content tag for a Content Model

<zcms:content name="mycontent" id=”blogdetail” alias=”mydata” datacount=”3” >
  		 <zcms:attribute name="author"/>

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